Richard Ferro, MS3
Frank Netter School of Medicine

Northeast LMSA member, Richard Ferro, recently published a science fiction novella called “Horizon.” It’s a story that explores what society will look like almost three hundred years from now. It also does something that rarely happens in science fiction, it places Latino characters at the forefront, and represents them as individuals who are driving their own story.


A NEW AGE HAS BEGUN In the 23rd Century, humanity expands its borders and journeys to the new worlds within its reach: MARS, the JOVIAN SYSTEM, SATURN, and BEYOND.However, not everyone can afford to travel up the gravity well. NADINE MORA ROSE, a young engineer from the Pacific coast town of Del Norte, is left to only wish for a life where she could leave Earth. Yet, in this brave new world, the key to Nadine’s future may be the creation of a paradigm-shifting invention that shatters her boundaries and allows her to RISE....

Horizon Cover - Paperback (Front).jpg

Cristina Valentín Rivera, MS4
University of Connecticut School of Medicine

Cristina Valentín Rivera is an MS4 attending University of Connecticut School of Medicine and is National LMSA Co-Publications Chair. Her essay was chosen by the National Academy of Medicine for the Culture of Health Project.

The National Academy of Medicine (NAM), a nonprofit research organization in Washington, DC, called on artists of all kinds to illustrate what health equity looks, sounds, and feels like to them.


DOI: Banuelos Mota, A., Feliz Sala, E.E., Perdomo, J.M. et al. Assessing Barriers to Medication Adherence Among Latinos with Diabetes: a Cross-sectional Study. J GEN INTERN MED 35, 603–605 (2020).

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Salem Harry-Hernández, MS4
University of Connecticut School of Medicine

Salem Hernández-Harry is an MS4 attending University of Connecticut School of Medicine. His article Navigating Politics as a Medical Student of Mexican Descent was published in the Journal of Academic Medicine this past December.