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Member Accomplishments

Diana L. Torres-Pinzon + Walter Solorzano

Keck School of Medicine

University of Southern California 

This article, published in the Health Equity Journal (open access), discusses the disparities in access to health care among our undocumented immigrant population. It makes the case that given the current covid-19 pandemic, which has affected many of our immigrant communities, efforts should be made to expand access to healthcare. 

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Sonia Parra, MS4 

Baylor College of Medicine

This article was just published online on Dec. 2020 in the International Journal of Cancer). It covers Sonia's work evaluating low-cost technology for use in cervical cancer prevention in El Salvador.


Louis Francisco Morales-Shnaider, MS4
Anschutz Medical Campus

University of Colorado

Published on August 2020 in Open Forum Infectious Diseases.

Samantha Williams, MS2
SUNY Upstate Medical University

This article published in the Syracuse Post Standard details the importance of diversity in medicine.

Samantha also was recently awarded her school's Sarah Loguen Fraser Alumni Scholarship due to her commitment to serve underserved communities. 


César E. Montelongo Hernández, MS3
Loyola University Chicago

Stritch School of Medicine

The bacteria E. coli is often associated with urinary tract symptoms. This study analyzes the genome of 66 urinary E. coli isolates to assess if their genetic content is associated with urinary conditions such as urinary tract infection.


Alec G. Contag, M.D.

Taylor Vega, MCR, MS3

Anthony Sánchez, MS3

Erin Urbanowicz, MPH, MS3

Oregon Health Sciences University

To better prepare the healthcare workforce, Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) members at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) developed an Introductory Medical Spanish course to complement an 18-month pre-clinical curriculum.

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